Morgan Culture is wearable sculpture intended for performance. Models interact with each other and audience members, creating strong reactions and discomfort while other mesmerized audience members look on.

The endocrine system, the nervous system, the visual cortex, and other internal arousal mechanisms manifest outside the body. Veins and bumps cover shiny surfaces. Materials such as hand-printed fabric, cast paper, branches, printed skin, and undergarments lose individual identity in a mobile visual cacophony.

These works are presented in all of the following formats: runway, live performance, 3-dimensional mannequin display, photos, or video projection.

Morgan, who received her MFA in 2009 from Washington University in St. Louis, is known as a prolific, collaborative, and entrepreneurial artist.


“…mad as a hatter.” –Judy Pfaff

“Gehris is giving form to… biological and social oxymorons….she gives these discoveries tangible form as wearable art, making our standard sexual drives and deviations visible as gleaming accessories, strutting gangions and neurons up on the catwalk…” – Dr. Christopher Parr

“…twisting neuronal representations branched out and reminded the viewer that the same brain-stuff is in his or her head, too…. Gehris’ art brings us one step closer to appreciating all brands of sexuality.” -The Vital Voice


"Inglewood Open Studios Exhibition." Beacon Arts Building, Inglewood, CA.
"Runway Meets the Runway." Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, Compton, CA.
"Impulse." Club Monte Cristo, Los Angeles, CA.
"Rip My Runway." Dragonfly, Hollywood, CA. signature collection
“Brancott Estates World of WearableArt.” TSB Arena, Wellington, New Zealand
“Sugar Goes Steampunk.” Hollywood, CA. performance and exhibition
“Lab AD.” New Studio, Albuquerque, NM
“Hollywood RAWartists.” Playhouse, Hollywood, CA.

Film: “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Attention, Soldier! Productions.
Film: “Untitled.” Nightingale Pictures.
*“Social Research with Facial Covering.” Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea- performance.
“Curate This!” The Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, various venues.
“Word of Mouth.” First Time LA, Los Angeles, CA.
“Venice ART-isan.” Artisan Venice Gallery, Venice, CA.
“Art March Again.” Gallery Godo, Glendale, CA.
“ARTployment.” First Time LA, Los Angeles, CA.

“Runneth Over.” CBC Gallery, St. Louis, MO.
“MFA 2009.” Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, MO.
“Fashion:Interpreted.” Flax Gallery, St. Louis, MO.
“Armory 2009.” New York, NY- performance.
“Naughti-Gras: Erotic Art Show.” Koken Art Factory, St. Louis, MO
Juror: Danielle Correll
“Digital Rotation.” Flax Gallery, St. Louis MO- Solo performance & stills.
“Rip the Runway.” Fi5teen, St. Louis, MO- Signature collection.

“MyArtSpace 2009 Featured Artists.” MyArtSpace.com.
“D.O.A.” Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, St. Louis, MO.
“Screening.” Artists' Television Access Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
“Cirque du Erotica.” Granite City, IL. Performance.
“MyArtSpace Juried Scholarship Competition.” Top 50 Finalist.
Juror: CatMacArt Corporation
“Artist United 2008.” St. Charles, MO.
*“standard:Deviation.” Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis, MO*
“Academy of Contemporary Art: Ladies’ Night Juried Exhibit.” St. Louis MO
“Saint Louis Fashion Week 2008.” A signature collection and video work. St. Louis, MO
“Body of Art.” J. Ferrari Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“MFA 1.” Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis, MO
“Arti-Gras Juried Exhibition.” Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO
“Metzger Memorial National Juried Exhibition.” St. Louis Artists Guild, MO

“Northside Art Assn. Annual.” Third Prize. Florissant Civic Center MO
“IAEA Summer Member Show.” DeKalb Area Women’s Center, IL
*“Psychosis.” Hartmann Center Art Gallery, Peoria, IL.*
“ZOOM Juried Photography Exhibit.” Bloomingdale Center for the Arts, IL

“9 x 12.” Fort Worth Community Arts Center, TX
“Fra Angelico Fundraiser.” Riverside, IL.
*“Frame.” Jester’s Coffeehouse, Peoria, IL*
“2006 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.” Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Juror: Nita Sunderland
“Cool Blues.” Bloomingdale Park District Museum, IL
“Fra Angelico Juried Exhibition.” Riverside, IL.
“Between Art and Vision: Juried Exhibition.” Big Easy Café, Peoria, IL
“Illinois Board of Higher Education Annual Collegiate Art Competition.” Award Finalist. Robert Morris State Street Gallery, Chicago, IL.
“Fra Angelico National Juried Art Competition.” Center For the Arts, Hinsdale, IL
“Cover the Walls II.” Bradley University, Peoria, IL.
“Unicorn Show.” Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
“Bradley BFA Students.” The Fleming Gallery, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL
“Figurative Interpretations.” Duo Show: Jester’s Coffeehouse, Peoria, IL
“Another Picasso.” Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, IL

*“Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” Second Floor Gallery, Peoria, IL.*
“2005 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.” Bradley University, Peoria, IL Juror: Bill Conger
*“Implied Texture.” Cullom-Davis Library, Peoria, IL*
“2005 Electronic Gallery Show.” Galena, IL
“Illinois Art Education Assn. Annual.” Campbell House Gallery, Geneva IL

“2004 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.” Bradley University, Peoria, IL Juror: ThereseO’Halloran.